Clone your deposit and earn 220% ROI with increasing interest rate up to 6% DAILY.
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every 24 hours
up to 220% ROI
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Investment offer

THE CLONER GROUP LTD offers investors one dynamic investment plan with instant withdrawals up to 220% ROI.
The interest rate of daily income for new investments will grow by 0.1% daily to 6%. To raise your previously created deposit to the common the interest rate level, it is enough to make reinvestment.
Income charges are occur every 24 hours, the principal of deposit is included in payments, every cryptocurrency works floatly to usd.

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Investment offer
4.3% Daily
Up to
220% ROI

About Cloner

Cloner is a large team of specialized professionals in the field of cryptocurrency trading, crypto investments and smart contracts. Our goal is to create a platform for both creators and investors interested in the technologies of the future. Clontoken, Cloner investment program, Clone bounty & task system earning - these are only the initial stages of the company's development. Regardless of being an advanced investor or a cryptocurrency aficionado, Cloner LTD allows you to set your economic path.

Absolutely every member of THE CLONER GROUP LTD, who has expressed a desire to participate in the development of a large-scale and demanded platform, will be able to count on good income dividends. Our technology will be distributed on many countries and our team of professional marketers will make every effort to achieve this. In addition, our products perfectly fit into the current realities and needs of the most consumers.

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Pass the simple registration procedure and get the possibility of earn stable and fast-growing income with The Cloner Group LTD.
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Once you’ve created your account, please proceed to select one of our payment system, and proceed to make a deposit of our investment plan.
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When you are ready to withdraw funds, please open the withdrawal section in the dashboard, create withdrawal request correctly and receive fast withdrawal.
Official company
The Cloner Group LTD is a legal entity registered in the United Kingdom. Our company believes in the power of newest approaches of cryptocurrency trading. Owing to smart decisions and with benefit tools for investors our team are ready for the next level of cryptocurrency trading.
Besides, Cloner is a large team of specialized professionals in the field of crypto investments and smart contracts. Our goal is to create a platform for both creators and investors interested in the technologies of the future.
Investment offer of our company is fully devoted to helping you secure low fees and a variety of digital and fiduciary financing options to power your cryptocurrency investments. Please refer to our customer service to get all the legal information you might need, welcome to THE CLONER GROUP LTD.
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Why choose Cloner

The smart strategy for successful results on the investment market
The system of dynamic increasing of the interest rate, open Clontoken with time and gradual increase in the advertising campaign allows project to form a more stable environment for development and increasing our values.
Fast development, fast income & fast withdrawals
Cloner company offers fast daily income for investors with instant withdrawals. The interest rate of daily income will increase every day by +0.1% up to 6% daily. You will receive your first income after 24 hours, the BEP comes less than a month.
The optimal advance system and transparency
The Cloner Group LTD provides an opportunity for absolutely all members earn money by inviting new partners to our platform. All project statistics is transparent and updates in real time, the profit comes at the exact time as well as the daily percentage updates.

Affiliate program

By involving more members in our program, you receive affiliate commissions from every referral's deposit and stimulate growth the common welfare of the Cloner community.

To participate in the affiliate program there is no need to have an active deposit. The affiliate program works at 3 referral lines on any partner's deposit amount.
All referral commissions are charged automatically and immediatly after your referral made deposit. The affiliate withdrawals occurs instantly in the currency of the referral's deposit.
As your referral turnover increases, you can receive additional bonuses and increase affiliate program via bounty section. You can also request a special affiliate program and we will consider your offer asap.
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2 Lvl
3 Lvl
The affiliate program works at 3 referral lines on each partner's deposit.

Recent transactions

Username Date Amount
DFreeman 02 Aug, 2021 100.00 USDT
Gordeevkripto 02 Aug, 2021 500.00 TRX
alibaba 02 Aug, 2021 30.00 USD
sant 02 Aug, 2021 200.00 USD
PabloK 02 Aug, 2021 500.00 USDT
Mrtu 02 Aug, 2021 90.00 USD

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Last news of our company
Jul 30, 2021 12:51
Cloner successful launch
Cloner Platform's management welcomes all partners, as well as potentially participants who will consider our platform as one of the investment instruments.

Our unique investmen ...
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